Shilajit for the Brain – Mood, Memory & Alzheimers

Shilajit has been the focal point of quite a few studies in the recent years. There are a couple studies in particular that talk about Shilajit and its role in the prevention of Alzheimerā€™s disease. Ā One of Black Lotus Shilajit’s main components, fulvic acid, helps to detoxify the body of free radicals and toxic metals….

Shilajit for Energy

Shilajit is known for many different health benefits, one of the most notable benefits being takingĀ Shilajit forĀ energy. Shilajit helps to increase ATP(adenosine triphosphate), our body’s primary source of energy. The mitochondria in each cell create this energy as it converts the many nutrients delivered from the Shilajit. One of the main components of Black Lotus….

Shilajit for Gardening

Did you know Shilajit is for gardening too? Shilajit is something that is not just beneficial to humans and animals. All living things that require minerals to grow will benefit tremendously from receiving this rich, pure resin. Plants, like humans, have an immune system that is essential to keep strong. When a plant’s immune system….

Clinical Studies on Shilajit

Shilajit was written about in the ancient Sushruta Samhita (600 BC), an ancient Ayurvedic text about medicine and surgery. Since then it has been praised as an amazing energy booster, health regulator, rejuvenator and magnifier of vitality. It has been used by Yogis, Ayurvedic Practitioners, Siberian Shamans, Olympic Athletes, and Clinical Doctors all the same…..

Shilajit for Pets

Although Shilajit was discovered and has been in various literature around the world for the past few thousand years, it was actually rediscovered by monkeys! In 1870, a British explorer named Sir Martin Edward Stanley observed monkeys regularly trekking to the tops of the Himalayan Mountains. These monkeys also seemed to be very healthy and….

Shilajit for Athletes

It is no secret that Shilajit has been used by athletes and other very physically active people across the world for quite some time now, and that is because of a few good reasons.Ā  Ultimate Absorption of Minerals and Electolytes One reason is because Shilajit’s high mineral content greatly assists in replacing vital electrolytes, making….