Black Lotus Shilajit Affiliate Program

Do you love Shilajit as much as we do and wish to share it with the world?

Do you have a large following on Social Media, own a company, or just want to make extra income?

We are opening up the opportunity for a select few affiliates to represent the highest quality mineral supplement on the market.

How The Affiliate Program Works

It’s simple to be an affiliate. Once you’re an approved Black Lotus Shilajit affiliate, we create a customized discount code for 15% Off Black Lotus Shilajit products, which is unique to you. You give out this unique discount code to your followers on social media, your blog, website, or in person. For every sale made with your unique discount code, you’ll earn a 20% commission!

Easy, right?

You can track your sales and commissions quickly, easily, and transparently on our website, blacklotusshilajit.com, in the affiliate area. Commissions are paid out monthly.

Becoming a Black Lotus Shilajit affiliate is an easy, excellent, and unlimited residual income opportunity! Affiliates also get access to exclusive product pricing and receive generous bonuses for reaching sales milestones!

If you’re interested in becoming a Black Lotus Shilajit affiliate, apply below.

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How to Apply

Tell us about yourself, what you do, what kind of customer base you have, and why you would like to represent Black Lotus Shilajit. It’s easy. Use the form below.