Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Shilajit have side effects?

Shilajit has no known side effects. No side effects have ever been reported in clinical studies.


Just Clean Energy and Calm Focus!!


Note: The only slight contraindication is to not take Shilajit in conjunction with an iron prescription because the different forms of iron may bind together.

How do I know Shilajit is Pure?

Pure shilajit has a distinct slightly bitter/smoky smell & taste, a dark brown/black color when dissolved, and is completely water soluble.

Is Black Lotus Shilajit Safe for Pregnant Women & Nursing Mothers?

In Short, no.

While Shilajit is very safe, even in large doses, it is not recommended for pregnant women or nursing mothers to consume. This is due to the dose difference between a full grown woman compared to a developing baby or newborn. However, once a mother is no longer expecting and breastfeeding, we HIGHLY recommend taking Black Lotus Shilajit to renourish and replenish the body with nutrients that were lost during pregnancy and breastfeeding in order to rebuild strength and to balance the mind & hormones.

How Much Shilajit Can Be Given to Pets?

Dosages for pets are determined by weight. We recommend about 1 mg per pound as a daily dose.


  • Example Dosages:
    • 10 lb cat would take 10mg a day
    • 30 lb dog would take 30mg a day

How Can Shilajit Be Used as a Fertilizer?

Dissolve 150mg of Black Lotus Shilajit into a gallon of purified water. Use for soil (1 cup per large plant) and as a spray for leaves. The shilajit nourishes the plants and allows them to naturally fight off pests & diseases.

Is our Shilajit Lab tested

Absolutely, every batch we receive is lab tested in the US by a trusted laboratory. 

Click Here to View Lab Tests (Make this a link to a pop up, if you can, with the Lab Tests on them in order from Batch 77 down to to Batch 33 that you can scroll down on.)

To make sure the Shilajit is up to our high standards we test for: pH, Moisture, Fulvic Acid, Humic Acid, Bacteria, Mold, Yeast, and Heavy Metals. We take great care in sourcing the best Shilajit possible and would never sell anything that we wouldn't take ourselves. 

Most Shilajit companies don't lab every batch, if they lab test at all,  and some water down their Shilajit. We look for the lowest moisture content so you get more Shilajit per gram!

There are small, trace amounts of heavy metals in shilajit. We test to make sure they are not above certain limits. According to the latest American Herbal Product Association Guidance Policy, we are thousands of times below what they recommend as a limit. 

View here (Link that opens pdf (attached in email) in pop up window)

Making our Shilajit still more than safe, even if you take 10,000 doses a day. There are actually unique molecules in Shilajit, such as C-60, with very strong bonds which trap Heavy Metals and aid in detoxing them out of the body.