Hello, I have been taking Black Lotus Shilajit for over two weeks now, I am simply amazed. I am a PTSD Trauma Veteran with bipolar depression and severe anxiety. Already it seems as though my depression is gone and I feel more motivated and energized, it's making me active again. I can't wait for the longer term benefits to take effect. This is a miracle for me, literally. And meeting and dealing with Nico and Kristian has been nothing short of wonderful with their support and education on their product. Best customer service I have ever experienced. I am a customer for life... PEACE Chip
The minute I took my first sip of Shilajit, my entire body smiled, as if all my cells were replenished. My energy level has increased since I started drinking it and my body doesn’t feel as sore and exhausted after exercising. I love the earthy taste, and it mixes well with teas and coffee...but I prefer it on its own. Thank you for bringing this product to us!!!
Sleep has been better, workouts have been better. I’m pretty excited at how well this product has worked for me thus far.
Definitely Shilajit is something different. It gives me energy and mental clarity during the day 100 % recommended.
Vero M.
Black lotus shilajit (Bls) is definitely the real deal. if you have ever tried real resin, than you should know that resin resonates and reverberates throughout your body because it is so high frequency. BLS resonates on a broader frequency than most other resins i have sampled. with bls i felt the sacred energy reverberating from head to toe whereby other brands were more concentrated in one or more parts of the body but never the full form. Thank you bls for producing such a high quality and high frequency product. cheers mate!
Nur Abulhasan
Since I started taking this product i have woken up with no aches or pains in my back, which was a daily struggle for me!
For me, the effects of shilajit have been fairly subtle since my lifestyle has already improved a lot of underlying challenges. But from the first day I tried it, I felt a pleasant “buzz” in my head, and can feel my cells welcome the nourishment. It’s probably one of the reasons that this year I’ve felt heightened sensitivity throughout my body, like a more efficient electrical conductivity. I start my mornings with shilajit before going outside to enjoy my garden.
As a follower of Alchemy, I had been referred to shilajit by a very wise duality/Alchemy practitioner who heavily promoted shilajit. Without any research & all faith I made a purchase & I will be consuming shilajit for the rest of my days. A brochure is sent with your order to give you EVEN more facts about not only of the benefits but the origins as well as the container itself! They know their stuff & we all appreciate their efforts to strive for our success by providing us with a gold mine that is shilajit. I feel the effects almost immediately. I'm more attentive (diagnosed with "ADD", wayyy less brain fog & energy for days. DOES NOT & WILL NOT DISAPPOINT!
As a woman in my early 50s I have noticed a huge difference in just 2 weeks! I am losing weight and getting more toned without changing my diet but it has made me crave sugar and junk less. Couldn't be more happy with the energy it gives me and overall results, and I don't mind the taste at all read less
I started taking this to help with energy at school and wow! I've never felt better. This Shilajit really helped my concentration in class and performing in band
Matt Terraglia
As a nurse running around all day this has helped me out so much! I feel more alert and ready to go, I have to type alot too and my arthritis is so much better! It doesn't hurt anymore to use my hands!
I've tried Shilajit before but this stuff is special. Could feel it significantly boosting my entire state of being.
Black Lotus Shilajit is absolute magic! For my age it really helped with energy, joint pain and overnight solved my ED
Sean Richards
Never felt such amazing results from any supplement ever before!
Pete Lorris
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