Pure Shilajit Tincture

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Size: 50mL - 7 Grams - Pure Shilajit Tincture

Black Lotus Shilajit Tincture - Pure & Raw Shilajit

Lab Tested - Non-GMO - Vegan - Gluten Free

Fair Trade - Sustainable

THE Best Shilajit Tincture on the market. Each dose contains 250mg of the finest Shilajit in the world. Convenient and easy for on the go, the tincture is an excellent way to get Shilajit in your diet.
Ingredients: Organic Glycerin (Coconut Oil Derived) Spring Water and 100% Raw Shilajit from Altai Mountains.
Suggested Use: Dissolve about 1.5 dropperfulls (1.6ml) in water, tea or milk. If you are brave let it absorb under your tongue.
Can also be applied to rejuvenate skin as a cleanser, moisturizer and toner. Rub on face for an excellent facemask.
50mL - 30 doses
100mL - 60 doses
We source the finest and most sustainable vegetable glycerin possible, derived from organic coconut oil farms.

**If you are allergic to coconuts, do not consume - try tablets or resin**

Black Lotus Shilajit is always sun-dried and purified at low temperatures with spring water. Every batch is lab tested for purity and potency.
Black Lotus Shilajit is considered Gold Grade and has been gathered sustainably for generations.
Stored in Miron Biophotonic Violet Glass for optimal preservation and potency.