Shilajit for Pets

Shilajit for Pets
Although Shilajit was discovered and has been in various literature around the world for the past few thousand years, it was actually rediscovered by monkeys! In 1870, a British explorer named Sir Martin Edward Stanley observed monkeys regularly trekking to the tops of the Himalayan Mountains. These monkeys also seemed to be very healthy and robust compared other monkeys around the world he had seen. They were seen eating black tar-like rocks and upon further investigation, the indigenous people of the region confirmed that it was Shilajit that was responsible for their good health.
All animals, including household pets like dogs and cats, not only will benefit immensely from regular consumption of Shilajit, but most of them LOVE it! When I personally take Shilajit in the morning, both my dogs line up and sit next to me as if they are waiting for a treat!
The vast abundance of minerals and all around nutrients that Shilajit contains makes it a simple, yet very effective option to give to your beloved animals for a wide variety of conditions. After just a couple weeks of giving Shilajit to their dogs and cats, various people have reported physical improvements in their animals, including shinier, healthier hair, wetter nose, whiter teeth, and even weight loss in dogs and cats that were previously overweight. Some of the other benefits people have noticed in their animals after giving them Shilajit the first couple weeks are regulated stools, balanced appetite, more energy for previously sluggish dogs, and even better responsiveness to commands.

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