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Our Mission is to help people reach optimal health by bringing awareness of Shilajit and its benefits, while providing the highest quality possible.

Black Lotus Shilajit LLC was founded in July of 2019 in Melbourne, FL. We are a Family Team of dedicated individuals who share a passion for health & wellness. We have over 30 years combined experience with herbs, nutrition, and supplements.

We began selling Shilajit at local farmers markets and today we are in 250 stores throughout the world.

The Black Lotus represents the Shilajit blossoming from the mountain as a gift to humanity. After witnessing the benefits of Shilajit again and again, we decided to create Black Lotus as our gift to humanity. The lotus flower grows out of thick, fertile mud. This is similar to how Shilajit acts in our lives; by providing a nourished & balanced body to bloom in and feel our best.

We take great care in sourcing and providing the best Shilajit on the planet. It is always pure, it is always raw, and it is always potent. Our source is a family who has been harvesting Shilajit in the area for generations.

Thank you to all who have supported us along the way, we are very grateful!


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How is Black Lotus Shilajit Processed?

A fair question, and one we are happy to answer.

Gathering Raw Shilajit

Black Lotus Shilajit is harvested from high-altitudes in the Altai Mountain Range.

Collection typically occurs during the warmer months when the snow melts, revealing this natural exudate oozing from rocks and crevices.

Harvesters meticulously gather the resin, often by hand, using traditional methods passed down through generations.


The raw Shilajit, filled with rocks and sediment, is then dissolved in water sourced from local springs and glacier-melt fed lakes.

Black Lotus Shilajit is purified with only clean water, using zero harsh acids, solvents or chemicals.


Following the traditional methods, a specialized filtration system involving fine sieves and cotton gauze pads is used to strain out clay, sediment and rocks from the dissolved mixture.

The cotton gauze pads play a crucial role, removing the tiniest clay particles, often overlooked by other suppliers.

This unique filtration process ensures the elimination of any impurities, resulting in a superior product.


The filtered Shilajit solution is then Sun Dried by being placed in a sterile and sunny environment for several weeks, sometimes months.

As the water evaporates a thick layer of resin forms. When it reaches the desirable moisture level, it is ready to be packaged and shipped to our facility.

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