Shilajit for Energy

Shilajit for Energy

Shilajit is known for many different health benefits, one of the most notable benefits being taking Shilajit for energy. Shilajit helps to increase ATP(adenosine triphosphate), our body's primary source of energy. The mitochondria in each cell create this energy as it converts the many nutrients delivered from the Shilajit. One of the main components of Black Lotus Shilajit that makes it such an effective energy booster is its 64 percent fulvic acid content, which is the highest amount of naturally occurring fulvic acid known to man. The very high naturally occurring levels of fulvic acid in Black Lotus Shilajit help to deliver the wide range of nutrients to all cells in a very efficient manner.

Another set of compounds in Black Lotus Shilajit that are equally responsible for overall energy production are humic acids. The humic acids greatly help to speed up the delivery of nutrients to cells, which in turn is then converted into ATP. Some studies have even suggested that the humid acids in Shilajit are like a turbocharger for the mitochondria. Also, in nature, humic acids are what are found to break down nutrients in the soil and deliver them to plants in a proper manner. This is similarly how humic acid works in our bodies.

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