Shilajit for Gardening

Shilajit for Gardening
Did you know Shilajit is for gardening too? Shilajit is something that is not just beneficial to humans and animals. All living things that require minerals to grow will benefit tremendously from receiving this rich, pure resin. Plants, like humans, have an immune system that is essential to keep strong. When a plant's immune system is weakened, it makes it much harder for the plant to thrive and produce. The plant will be more prone to different bugs and predators attacking because it doesn't have the proper balance of nutrients to protect itself from predators. With over 85 minerals in highly absorbable form due to extremely high levels of fulvic and humic acid, Shilajit can truly help to nourish even the weakest of plants when given in the proper ratio. Also, Shilajit will not only help the particular plants that are in the ground to receive it at the moment, but Shilajit has the potential to actually remineralize the soil itself, which will make whatever plants that are planted in that soil in the future much more healthy and robust. These days, this is actually a very big deal, because unfortunately most of the soil is very depleted of the essential nutrients that give plants their true healing qualities. Shilajit is a simple, organic option for anyone who is considering growing high quality food for themselves without breaking the bank, and even just for the people who truly appreciate the plants around them and would like to see them as healthy as they can be.

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